You Won’t Believe What He Does to His Family! (NSFW)

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Dark Days II: Revelations (NSFW)

...dark days are ahead of us... (art by Gregg Hartley. Click image to visit his Deviant page!)
…dark days are ahead of us…
(art by Gregg Hartley. Click to visit his Deviant page!)

Another day, another cliché, Glenn thought as he stepped out of his cubicle to get more coffee.

He wasn’t just tired, he was also sick. Sick in the way that people who are tired of their lives feel when sick of everything. His thoughts were a convoluted mess of stress and frustration over social dysfunction. He was nothing, he felt like nothing, and yet, he tried. Oh, he tried.

What’s a man to do, he wondered.

“Hey, Julie,” he said as he passed her desk. She ignored him. They always do. Was he not handsome enough? Was he not smart or wealthy enough? He didn’t know, and they never told him. So, it was; so, it shall be.

As he walked past the window, he looked out at the world. Being on the first floor, he could see everyone heading everywhere but going nowhere. These familiar faces of working class people trod by to find meaning in their meaningless lives. This one wants a new car, so he steals from the poor. This one wants to get ahead in the word, so she puts the ‘V’ in V-neck.

That’s when he saw the blur, and he felt the thump when it hit the ground. The plate glass shook as chunks painted the window. Some people ran up while the blood seeped from the man’s shattered skull. A few screamed and ran away from the image of his jagged bones slicing through his skin revealing large gaping wounds.

Glenn started laughing because he realized the man was Bryan from the copy room. He’d only met the man a couple of times when the main printers went down, but he always seemed like a happy person. Glenn could only guess as much, though, because even Bryan thought he was too good for him. However, that’s not what made Glenn want to laugh. It was because even with his face lumpy like a beaten pillow and the patches purple, yellow, and red, Bryan still had that same stupid smirk. What made it even sillier was one eye looked to the sky while the other bloodied one looked off down the street. Veritable googly eyes.

He heard Julie scream as she ran toward the doors, presumably to weep over her fallen fuck. Glenn merely shrugged his shoulders, and looked up at the nearby building, which was almost identical in height.

“Phew, that’s a long fall, eh, guys?”

No one answered him, but they joined him at the window. He looked around, and none of them seemed interested in the splattered body on the concrete. Instead, they looked up at the sky as black clouds thicker and darker than soot appeared. Once the sun was gone, the world went dark. Flashes of golden lightning brightened the night, and a howling wind started to blow.

Glenn backed away from the window knowing that something was wrong. He bumped into frank, who said, “My God, what’s going on?”

A woman’s scream pierced the stillness of that office, but it was no ordinary scream. It sounded as though spliced with another ear-shattering scream. Glenn looked at the north side of the building and saw Julie retching near the doorway. The overhead fluorescents were still nice and strong, and he watched her spew blood onto the floor. A man from a nearby cubical ran to her aid, but she pushed him away with unreal strength.

As the Good Samaritan crashed into a shelf full of binders, a long, tapered spider-like leg shot out of Julie’s shoulder. A spray of blood spackled the nearby wall while another shot from her other shoulder. Her arms dangled and bounced freely as if waving the crowd of terrified onlookers. An unreal scream echoed through the office again, and four more six-foot legs shot from her body. Her skin bulged and spread until it ripped in several places revealing her muscles. Her head snapped as it turned around to face the crowd of screaming people. Black ooze dripped from her frothing mouth while her once cherry-blonde hair was now a springy tar dripping from her skull.

The giant creature started to move through the office. It stabbed Alex through his chest with one leg, and with another impaled Lauren through her mouth and out the back of her neck. It dragged their twitching bodies through the office as it continued to attack people.

Glenn hid behind a cubical and looked through the window. Different shapes of mutilated monsters moved through the streets ripping people apart as they went, hunting people down one-by-one. He fished his phone from his pocket and struggled to unlock it. When it finally allowed him to dial out, Julie screamed from above him. He looked up at the unhinged jaw of the woman he secretly adored but could never have, and she lunged at his face with those razor sharp teeth. The last thing he saw was black.