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I was going about my important business (read: scrolling through Facebook posts hoping to find something interesting), and I saw a meme about the slang ‘fuckboy’. I saw the term used before this, and, based on context clues, figured it to mean a dude whom a woman keeps on the side to get laid whenever she wants. However, some of the memes didn’t entirely agree with my guess of what the word meant, so I did what every self-respecting internet user would do, and googled that shit.

It turns out that ‘fuckboy’ has many different meanings. Some cultures reference it as a piece of shit, some as a womanizer (also a piece of shit), and some follow my perceived definition of it. This I didn’t really think twice about since a lot of English language vocabulary (especially slang) takes on several different meanings. If you don’t believe me, look up the word ‘set’, and you’ll find it has more than 100 variation. (Source:

Again, this is nothing surprising. No, what was surprising was an article I found by one Kara Brown. She apparently had read an article written by white authors who had made a passing reference to ‘fuckboy’ during an article about Tinder. From this, she went on a rant about how white people steal words like ‘fuckboy’ and make it seem as if they’re the ones that came up with it instead of giving black people (or anyone not white, really) the credit for it.

First of all, let me make one thing clear. I get that there’s a problem with cultural appropriation. There are many important issues concerning it, and a lot of misunderstanding surrounding it. There’s also definitely a fine line between actual cultural appropriation and the ancient realization that one can find something negative in anything if they look hard enough, but right now I’m more concerned about why Kara fights so hard in this rant to have something so stupid be attributed to her culture.

The truth is that minority cultures shouldn’t have to fight for their cultural significance in today’s society. For example, black people shouldn’t have to fight to let the world know that blue rhythm inspired rock music. However, when there is a larger culture of people that exists among small cultures and that larger culture uses something from the small culture’s uh culture, then it tends to be assumed en masse that the larger culture pioneered it. This in turn takes some of the smaller culture’s relevance away from society as a whole. This is not a good thing.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about Kara Brown’s rant. She takes it upon herself to call out these white authors for ignoring the fact that ‘fuckboy’ came from black culture, and that the black culture should be right, justly, and solely attributed to the coining of the term. As a human being and an America, she has the rights to ask for whatever she wants. However, what she gets might be an entirely different thing, and in this case, she didn’t get what she was expecting.

While it’s true that the overall tone of her (very angry) piece was about cultural appropriation, the centerpiece of her argument, the correct attribution of ‘fuckboy’ to the black culture, destroyed her whole argument, and degraded her culture as a whole.

Let me put it simply: why would anyone from any culture want to have ‘fuckboy’ correctly attributed to them? It’s like being in an elevator, smelling the most rotten, eye-watering fart, and then raising your hand and taking responsibility for it when it wasn’t you.

The term ‘fuckboy’ is without a doubt, a stinky, deadly fart. It’s a stupid term that means nothing and adds nothing to society. It’s neither a revelation nor a game changing proverb. It’s like screaming YOLO before you jump out of a plain without a parachute or swallowing a match after drinking a cup of jet fuel. Why would anyone, especially a minority culture, use this word as the basis for an argument of cultural appropriation?

They wouldn’t. They shouldn’t.

By writing a rant where one needs their cultural validation to come from a term such as ‘fuckboy’, you effectively degrade your culture. Yes, I’m well aware that each culture’s dialect is unique to that culture, but that doesn’t mean that everything members of that culture come up with should remain exclusively attributed to that culture. I mean, would you want to be part of a culture that fights to have ‘fuckboy’ correctly attributed to them? Hell no. That’s some embarrassing shit.

This brings me to my last point, which is this: when you fight for your culture, you need to do it right. You need to pick your battles because we are a people of judgment bastards. Fight for blues inspiring musical history. Fight against blackface, yellowface, or other ****face issues that degrade your culture.

If after all that, you still want ‘fuckboy’ to be a staple of your culture, then fine. Enjoy the term. We don’t want it. I’m sure other cultures don’t want it, either. Just don’t be surprised if someone comes along, and comments on how atrociously stinky your fart is, because you asked for it.


Stop Hurting People

TKAR_RoseSome of the time, people have no idea what they’re doing to each other. A lot of the time, however, people know exactly what they’re doing. I’m talking about relationships. They’re some of the hardest things to do, even the simplest relationships can be tough. Why must we make it tougher by putting other people through hard times?

Getting into a relationship isn’t always easy. You can be the boldest most daring person in the world, and still find yourself lost for words at the beginning, before you even say hello. Even when that initial contact is made, you’ll still doubt every word that comes out of your mouth because you’re analyzing every word that comes out of their mouth.

Things can be amazing in relationships for a time, but it you’re not true, the relationship will never take hold. They’ll never flourish. Now, I’m not talking about both people. You see, just because one person isn’t connecting because they’re lost somewhere in someone else’s eyes, does not mean the other person isn’t falling in love with them. This causes a huge problem because now someone is suddenly investing their heart into something that will never work without the other person’s investment into the relationship.

Love is a powerful thing. It will make people do some incredible things. Sometimes those things are incredibly endearing and sometimes incredibly wonderful. Love makes us who we are because without it, we would be an even more dangerous and destructive race of people.

However, love can also dangerous in that it can destroy you and make you destructive. All of that incredible stuff you did, is now no longer fueled by desire to make the person you love feel wonderful. Now, your desire is either self-destruction or the destruction of others, which is where you start to do incredibly stupid things.

By leading someone down a path where they might fall for you and you aren’t fully invested (for instance you’re still in love with your ex), then you’re setting them up for destruction. How dare you do that to someone? How dare you get into a relationship where you cannot love that person back because you are currently broken?

You can’t, and you shouldn’t. You should always wait a length of time—it’s different for everyone—before jumping into something new because you need to be sure you are available for that person. Available for the love and commitment they are seeking from you. You can’t be this broken thing, and expect everything to work out, and you can’t expect them to be okay if you’re using them to unfuck yourself. You just can’t do that to people, and yet people do it all the time.

Why? Why do people do this? Are people so self-centered that they can’t think about other people when getting into something emotional? Relationships aren’t one-sided. They’re not one-sided. There are two sides to a relationship. I’ve said that three times now because people don’t seem to get it. You might be trying to unfuck your heart, but in the meantime, you’re fucking someone else’s heart. Is that fair? Is that right?

The last thing I want to talk about is how you approach exiting this broken thing you started. You don’t do it by blaming the other person for you exiting. No, you were broken to begin with, so own up to it. You don’t tell them the reason it won’t work by comparing them to the person you were originally trying to unfuck yourself from, and you sure as hell don’t do it right before you go back to that person. The truth is, you were broken from the get, and unless they were seriously fucking up, it probably isn’t their fault it didn’t work. It’s your fault. Don’t forget that, and don’t blame them, because all you’re going to do is break the fuck out of them some more. So, don’t be that asshole.

Love to love. Love to be loved. Don’t love to unfuck yourself, because that’s not love, that’s abuse.

Listen to the audio version of Your Broken Heart here:

Yes, Having No Gun Restrictions Will Help You…

…feel safer as you sleep at night. True story.**

What won’t it do? Save you from mass-murdering fuckheads.

Will stricter gun laws help you? Nah. That won’t help either.

Here’s why.

If the government mandated that every American be armed and trained in the art of pulling a trigger and murder-facing people with precision, the only thing it will do is stop the occasional single-incident, single-victim problem. In other words, yes, it will save you from being mugged (maybe) but what it won’t do is save you from terrorists or other kinds of mass-murdering fuckheads.


Because they desire death. They desire destruction. They desire to kill. These qualities in these sadistic men and women come from a dark place that offers them something the average Joe doesn’t seem to understand.

If you give everyone the ability to defend him or herself with a gun, then what’s an aspiring mass-murdering fuckhead going to do? Well, for starters, they’ll probably stop using guns. Yeah, they might use them for protection, but the reality is that guns won’t become their number one go-to choice to killing multiple people, anymore. Now they’ll have to come up with more creative ways to kill you and me.

So, tell me. With everyone armed with a handgun, a rifle, and super-trained eyes to hit a target dead perfect every time, what’s a terrorist going to do? Well, they’ll most likely start using more bombs. They aren’t hard to make, and you can kill a whole lot of people with them. The problem, I suspect, is that they are dangerous to make, and since guns are easier to come by and do enough damage without much effort, they seem like a practical choice. Give guns to everyone, and now you force these ass-faces to take different actions.

I’m not saying I want to take your guns away. I couldn’t care less if every mofo out there wants their greasy fingers on a gun. That’s your right (even though the idea of bearing arms seems to have lost its purpose and meaning these days). What I’m saying is that all you gun nuts and anti-gun nuts need to take a step back and stop fighting amongst each other. It won’t solve anything. Taking guns away won’t save anyone from mass-murdering fuckheads. Arming people with guns won’t save anyone from mass-murdering fuckheads.

What will is coming together and finding a good solution. Internal fighting does nothing but separates us, and as we all know: separation gives them the advantage because dividing and conquering has always been a well-documented way of winning.

So let’s not let them win, eh? Let’s not allow these mass-murdering fuckheads to separate us so that we worry more about our precious guns than we do about the reality of the situation.


**UPDATE 2 – Do not rush to the comments and start fires or wars. Please be civil. If you want to be a responsible, mature gun owner: act like one.

My Generation is Ruining our Culture

Gonna have to burn any books that offend people...
Gonna have to burn any books that offend people…

I recently posted on Facebook about how our society is too sensitive.

This is a huge problem.

It’s getting to the point where you can’t do anything without a mob of offended people coming out guns blazing over something you did.

I have nothing against people speaking their minds and going after causes that mean something to them. However, how far back are we willing to bend to make these groups of people happy? How much of our liberty are we willing to cull just to cool peoples’ burners?

A bunch of, presumably hangry, New Yorkers thought the Axis symbols on the advertisements for their new series The Man in the High Castle, were too much. A show about Axis winning the war and about the resistance coming after them. A. Show. About. Nazis. Winning. The. War.

Seriously? Seriously, SJWs?

Have a Snickers bar society, have a damn Snickers bar!

Let’s replace all the Nazi and Rising Sun symbols with fluffy bunnies.

What’s that you say? We can’t use a fluffy bunny because some people have PTSD after watching Bugs Bunny cartoons as children?

Okay. Sorry… let’s instead replace the imagery with a cup of water.

What? You can’t be serious… one person is allergic to water and therefore upset that water is shown in an advertisement?

Okay, you’re right. That must not happen! Well, let’s replace the advertisements with black and white checkers.

What’s that? Are you sure? I had no idea that black and white checkered boxes were used in some obscure battle in 1702 in a small town just south of Abu Dhabi…

Oh, is that right? The black background of this blog scares people who are afraid of the dark?

I had better do something about it.

What? No! Not these words… words offend people? Words?! Burn all dictionaries!! Close all schools!!!

Run for your lives!!!!

I assume you all get the point. The political correctness is ruining our culture, and I’m sick of it. Sick of these people bullying the masses into changing something simply because it offends them.

How pathetic that people ask other to change themselves or their things simply because someone, somewhere, at some point in time may or may not get offended.

For all the good and amazing things that came from my generation, this disappoints me the most about it.