Here’s Timmy!

Once upon a time, there was a man that worked and lived with his kin, and his family did not cooperate with him. Though his mother called him something other, he lovingly called himself Tim. He boarded with three others, his daughter Karen, his son Daren, and a wife named Kim.

Tim and Kim and Karen and Daren lived at odds with each other in that house. Tim had to work while Daren loudly played with his mouse. Karen always screamed on her phone while Kim cleaned and dusted their house. Everything was as it should be, but Tim could never focus, causing him to become a raging spouse.

One day Tim took the time to take Karen and Daren to a faraway park while Kim cleaned the floor. The kids played and played, and they played some more. Soon passed an hour, maybe two—maybe four. When they looked up Tim had gone, and they let out a loud cry as loud as a lion’s roar.

When he got home, Tim axed Kim in the back. He gave her one, two, maybe four times the whack. With Karen and Daren gone, Tim hid Kim in the shack. An hour later, the bell rang, and behind the door with Karen and Daren there was a man named Zach. He took the kids into the house, and Tim began to yack.

“You see, kids, your mother has left us. Karen, Daren… I must put you on a bus. You will ride and ride, and ride some more until you reach your aunt May and your uncle Russ. Just know I love you, now please leave without a fuss.”

And so the kids left the house, Karen with her phone and Daren with his mouse. Finally, Tim found the time to work, three less a louse. At the end of the day, he cleaned the house and rid any trace of his family, even burning his wife in her favorite blue blouse.


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