Yes, Having No Gun Restrictions Will Help You…

…feel safer as you sleep at night. True story.**

What won’t it do? Save you from mass-murdering fuckheads.

Will stricter gun laws help you? Nah. That won’t help either.

Here’s why.

If the government mandated that every American be armed and trained in the art of pulling a trigger and murder-facing people with precision, the only thing it will do is stop the occasional single-incident, single-victim problem. In other words, yes, it will save you from being mugged (maybe) but what it won’t do is save you from terrorists or other kinds of mass-murdering fuckheads.


Because they desire death. They desire destruction. They desire to kill. These qualities in these sadistic men and women come from a dark place that offers them something the average Joe doesn’t seem to understand.

If you give everyone the ability to defend him or herself with a gun, then what’s an aspiring mass-murdering fuckhead going to do? Well, for starters, they’ll probably stop using guns. Yeah, they might use them for protection, but the reality is that guns won’t become their number one go-to choice to killing multiple people, anymore. Now they’ll have to come up with more creative ways to kill you and me.

So, tell me. With everyone armed with a handgun, a rifle, and super-trained eyes to hit a target dead perfect every time, what’s a terrorist going to do? Well, they’ll most likely start using more bombs. They aren’t hard to make, and you can kill a whole lot of people with them. The problem, I suspect, is that they are dangerous to make, and since guns are easier to come by and do enough damage without much effort, they seem like a practical choice. Give guns to everyone, and now you force these ass-faces to take different actions.

I’m not saying I want to take your guns away. I couldn’t care less if every mofo out there wants their greasy fingers on a gun. That’s your right (even though the idea of bearing arms seems to have lost its purpose and meaning these days). What I’m saying is that all you gun nuts and anti-gun nuts need to take a step back and stop fighting amongst each other. It won’t solve anything. Taking guns away won’t save anyone from mass-murdering fuckheads. Arming people with guns won’t save anyone from mass-murdering fuckheads.

What will is coming together and finding a good solution. Internal fighting does nothing but separates us, and as we all know: separation gives them the advantage because dividing and conquering has always been a well-documented way of winning.

So let’s not let them win, eh? Let’s not allow these mass-murdering fuckheads to separate us so that we worry more about our precious guns than we do about the reality of the situation.


**UPDATE 2 – Do not rush to the comments and start fires or wars. Please be civil. If you want to be a responsible, mature gun owner: act like one.


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