My Generation is Ruining our Culture

Gonna have to burn any books that offend people...
Gonna have to burn any books that offend people…

I recently posted on Facebook about how our society is too sensitive.

This is a huge problem.

It’s getting to the point where you can’t do anything without a mob of offended people coming out guns blazing over something you did.

I have nothing against people speaking their minds and going after causes that mean something to them. However, how far back are we willing to bend to make these groups of people happy? How much of our liberty are we willing to cull just to cool peoples’ burners?

A bunch of, presumably hangry, New Yorkers thought the Axis symbols on the advertisements for their new series The Man in the High Castle, were too much. A show about Axis winning the war and about the resistance coming after them. A. Show. About. Nazis. Winning. The. War.

Seriously? Seriously, SJWs?

Have a Snickers bar society, have a damn Snickers bar!

Let’s replace all the Nazi and Rising Sun symbols with fluffy bunnies.

What’s that you say? We can’t use a fluffy bunny because some people have PTSD after watching Bugs Bunny cartoons as children?

Okay. Sorry… let’s instead replace the imagery with a cup of water.

What? You can’t be serious… one person is allergic to water and therefore upset that water is shown in an advertisement?

Okay, you’re right. That must not happen! Well, let’s replace the advertisements with black and white checkers.

What’s that? Are you sure? I had no idea that black and white checkered boxes were used in some obscure battle in 1702 in a small town just south of Abu Dhabi…

Oh, is that right? The black background of this blog scares people who are afraid of the dark?

I had better do something about it.

What? No! Not these words… words offend people? Words?! Burn all dictionaries!! Close all schools!!!

Run for your lives!!!!

I assume you all get the point. The political correctness is ruining our culture, and I’m sick of it. Sick of these people bullying the masses into changing something simply because it offends them.

How pathetic that people ask other to change themselves or their things simply because someone, somewhere, at some point in time may or may not get offended.

For all the good and amazing things that came from my generation, this disappoints me the most about it.


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