I Am Storm IV

The continued story of a storm brewing from within...
The continued story of a storm brewing from within…

Sometimes I sit at the beach listening to the ocean’s whisper
And watch the tangerine coast burn away into sooty blackness
Peppered with winking stars. Ghosts of my past infect my thoughts,
And they brew a storm of memories forcing me to reflect on moments
In this abandoned and long since forgotten life that’s no longer
Graced with green meadows. It’s there, where color seems to drain
And leaves the world black and white with pale shades of
Beige, that I wonder why the great author of the book of life
Chose me to follow this path of paper-thin truths wrapped in
A tuxedo of lies. Oh, I know it’s the staple of humanity to feel
As if the crushing melancholy is all there is despite the orange
Blaze burning rich in our hearts, but how can we ignore these feelings
That are as cold and thick as yogurt? I spent so much time researching,
Spending hours and days and weeks tapping away on my computer,
But all I found was the same thing Ronnie once told me: you cannot hide
From the life you created. If that’s true, then I can never unbury myself
And escape this unreasonable ponderance. I close my eyes and try to find
Happiness, but the memories continue to grind and crunch my icy soul.
Tears leap from my eyes because even they know the darkness that lies
Within me. Before too long, the sun peeks over the horizon, and I look
At the beach where the water ebbs leaving the creamy sand to
Glisten in that early morning light. Another day gone, another night of
Torment, and another day comes. When will it all end?


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